Monday, January 09, 2006

I would like to imagine that I have something to say about this wonderful subject. Well I do have one thing to say today which begins in the place where all art truly begins, in the heart. So often people view art from the standpoint that the artwork must 'please' them and nothing more, no thought, no reflection about the real meat of the work. (Sometimes there isn't much meat if any to reflect on.) For example, some may not like many of Rembrandt's pieces because of the simple use of color and because they are often times dark. It never occurred to them to ask the question whether Rembrandt intended his paintings to be such and if so why. The heart must be in a way disciplined and open to the real matter of a work of art if it is to touch the viewer. If the viewer is looking at a painting to be satisfied almost like the approach or experience many of us have with dessert: that "nothing could feel better to this already stuffed body than some sugar." It's that syndrome or habit of looking for more when we've had enough.