Monday, February 06, 2006

I could say that I've had writer's block...Hopefully no one has been reading faithfully and thus notice the long spell of blogless nights.

An essay written by Cardinal Stafford has been recovered for me. I have referred to it many times for my own betterment and sometimes referred to it in my conversations with others.

In the next few blogs I am going to reflect on his essay titled, "The artist's vocation" and then I would like to say some things about a new film that I was priveleged to see twice recently in a pre-release showing by the director. The film is called "The Sensation of Sight" written and directed by Aaron Wiederspahn.

Okay, first Cardinal Stafford's essay.

By contrasting the modern tendencies toward egoism, neorotic self expression and infantilism and a general cynicism with a REAL look at man, man as the visible image of God, Cardinal Stafford draws out the theme of the artist's vocation "to be the guardian of our humanity and of our deeper freedom."

Next blog I will dig in to the meat of the essay. Thanks.