Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why blog?

Blogs are funny things. Sometimes they make you think you are writing editorials for a magazine with no circulation. I think I'll google 'blogger support groups'.

I check out other blogs from time to time to see how often people update their blogs. It seems very common that folks go weeks without blogging probably because you run out of things to comment on or it becomes a problem of time. (Couldn't the inventor of the term 'blog' have come up with a better term than 'blog'!) The question comes up for every blogger (hold on, am I really a 'blogger'?! Okay I submit, I'm a blogger, I blog out!) whether anyone is part of the conversation you hope your having with readers. Here's the bottom line: I don't have to say anything, but I believe someone needs to motivate people to think, act, pray, be inspired. Otherwise what happens is we start living less and less in a dignified, trully human and holy way. We get swept up in the flow of life that the world offers or imposes. Because we are called, and our nature doesn't follow very willingly we have to exert effort to change ourselves and encourage one another to keep going, to be faithful to the vision. Sometimes it is necessary to be overt, i.e. a blog. Hopefully what I say doesn't come across as pompous, or arrogant. Hopefully I can communicate my own desires and vision so that others may come to experience the power and the reality that art is meant to capture.