Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ted Crisman Art Gallery Online

For the first time I am offering my artwork for sale online. Using this blog is the first step in a larger plan... I hope people will spread the word.

Scrolling Slideshow...
In the sidebar you'll see a scrolling slideshow of my artwork. You can stop the slideshow by putting your pointer on the artwork and clicking the pause button which will appear. You can also see each piece blown up by simply clicking the piece.

To purchase artwork..
Email me at tedandjanene@yahoo.com and specify the painting(s), your shipping information, phone number and I will contact you to get your payment information.

Here is a list (as they are appear in the slide show) of titles, sizes and prices. All prices include artwork, frame, ground Ups or FedEx shipping and handling. Please allow two weeks for orders to be processed.

1. Flowers in Vase (prints only)
2. Looking Back 16 X 20 $2200
3. Apples and Vase 14 X 18 $1400
4. The Mill Bridge 14 X 18 $1600
5. A Shepherd's Life 24 X 30 (study) $600
6. Peonies 12 X 24 $1400
7. Pears and Apples 9 X 12 $1000
8. Roses 12 X 16 $1200 (no frame)
9. Pears 9 X 12 $1900

I am also offering Archival Quality Prints of all the works shown here. Prints will be available in approx. two weeks. Stay tuned!